Geo-referenced photography

Posted on 6 July 2004 in Photography, Place, Research, Technology

The easiest way of linking photos to locations is to combine the time-stamps from both a digital camera and GPS receiver or other location-aware device. If this data is available (over the same period of time) it’s possible to process a series of images and location tracks to stamp each image with location metadata.

Here are a few resources, papers, projects, guidelines and other geo-reference issues.


  • GPS plotting in Flash

    GPS track and waypoint extraction

    Transferring data from GPS devices can be problematic. If this is going to work in a wider, collaborative context there is a need to make guidelines for this process. It is also really important to make sure units and timezones are correctly set up on all software, so that no translation happens as the data is converted. Exported data also tends to be messy, with mixed tracklogs and waypoints, which for us meant a lot of hand-tweaking.

  • Garmin Mapsource
  • MacGPS Pro
  • GPS Babel
  • GPSylon tool for downloading/viewing GPS data
  • GPS to GEO-RDF