Satellite Lamps

Satellite Lamps is a project that reveals one of the most significant contemporary technology infrastructures, the Global Positioning System (GPS). Made with Einar Sneve Martinussen and Jørn Knutsen as part of the Yourban research project at AHO, it continues our project of revealing the materials of technologies that started in 2009 with RFID and WiFi.… Continue reading Satellite Lamps

Graffiti as conversation

I’ve been photographing layers of conversation in graffiti, and tagging the pictures with “conversation”: Prior art for “spatial annotation”:

Public markup

Cable ties on a lamppost, Euston, London

This research looks at the marking of public space by investigating the physical annotation of the city: stickering, graffiti and billboards. It attempts to find patterns in this marking practice by looking at visibility, techniques, process, location, content and audience. It proposes ways in which this marking can be used as a layer between the physical city, and digital spatial annotation.