Embodied interaction in music

!/images/embodied_music_cover.jpg(read more)!:http://www.elasticspace.com/2005/04/embodied-interaction-music

Over Easter I sketched out some ideas for navigating music on a portable player. I was frustrated with the iPod clickwheel, thinking about reducing the reliance on visual interfaces and how navigating music has a lot to do with language. I wanted to explore richer interfaces that combine movement, language and vision.

Sound objects

“Mikael Fernstr?m”:http://www.idc.ul.ie/mikael/ gave a lecture at “AHO”:http://www.aho.no/ on sound objects this week. His work at “IDC”:http://www.idc.ul.ie/ focuses on sound in ubiquitous computing, an area that is relatively unexplored in interaction design.