Tangible and social interaction

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On the 12th January 2005 I gave two lectures here in Oslo on the theme of tangible and social interaction. The “presentation”:http://www.elasticspace.com/presentations/tangible_social_jan05.pdf is a 1.9mb pdf, and my notes are below. I’m posting this in response to “Matt Jones'”:http://blackbeltjones.typepad.com/work/ and “Chris Heathcote’s”:http://www.anti-mega.com/antimega/ “presentation”:http://www.anti-mega.com/antimega/archives/001195.html at ETech (“notes”:http://crystaltips.typepad.com/wonderland/2005/03/tangible_comput.html), which covers a lot of the same ground.

Design Engaged 2004

We are all sat around a table in Amsterdam, at Design Engaged 2004. There are lots of photos going up to Flickr, and here are my notes. h2. Ben Cerveny * The growth of the soil * How do we comprehend complexity * How do we build structures around complex information * Accreting meta-data: GPS… Continue reading Design Engaged 2004