Three films on communication and networks

In the last two weeks I’ve seen three documentaries dealing with communication and networks. Firstly, a broad and ambitious film from Ericsson, taking on the ‘networked society’ including interviews with David Weinberger, Catarina Fake and Eric Wahlforss. Each of the interviewees discusses the emerging opportunities being enabled by technology as we enter the Networked Society.… Continue reading Three films on communication and networks

Midnight Run

[one_half] My favourite movie of all time. A film with one compelling relationship at its center might not survive the bombardments of the action formula its script demands, and that’s another reason “Midnight Run” is so special. There are at least half a dozen relationships throughout the film surrounding Grodin and De Niro that ring… Continue reading Midnight Run

Time that land forgot

Time that land forgot screenshot

Timo Arnall & Even Westvang.

At the Iceland inside and out workshop Even Westvang and Timo Arnall collaborated on a project looking at ways of contextualising photographs by time and geography. We chose to shift the balance of representation away from location, towards image and time. This is a summary of our ideas and process, with an initial working prototype.


Street chairs in TokyoI have been treating digital photography as a narrative medium taking sequences of photographs to suggest movement, place, stories, journeys and discovery. In the near future I hope to to link images back to places using a GPS receiver, to produce some semi-automated travelogues. There is a lot of research to be done around contextualised imagery, and about mapping in relation to photography.