Three films on communication and networks

In the last two weeks I’ve seen three documentaries dealing with communication and networks. Firstly, a broad and ambitious film from Ericsson, taking on the ‘networked society’ including interviews with David Weinberger, Catarina Fake and Eric Wahlforss. Each of the interviewees discusses the emerging opportunities being enabled by technology as we enter the Networked Society.… Continue reading Three films on communication and networks

Negotiating futures. Design fiction

Swiss Design Network Conference 2010: Designers see the world not simply as it is, but rather as it could be. In this perspective, the world is a laboratory to explore the contingency of the existing and the thinking in options. Imaginations of the contra factual are a key source for the creation of alternative political,… Continue reading Negotiating futures. Design fiction


Anselm lays out the emerging issues with Augmented Reality (AR). In doing so he relates it to a whole host of known and unknown problems associated with ubiquitous computing, semantic publishing and data platforms. Below are some clippings of bits that seem particularly insightful: bq. It puts own embodiment at risk. And whomsoever can mitigate… Continue reading Augmentia

Telling stories with interfaces

“But where does it go from here? Is this really just a micro-genre best suited to ads for internet companies? Or does the fact that we spend so much time on this stage our selves mean that it really can be the venue for more (and more kinds of) storytelling? via Telling stories with interfaces… Continue reading Telling stories with interfaces

Embodied interaction in music

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Over Easter I sketched out some ideas for navigating music on a portable player. I was frustrated with the iPod clickwheel, thinking about reducing the reliance on visual interfaces and how navigating music has a lot to do with language. I wanted to explore richer interfaces that combine movement, language and vision.