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web services covers therapy overview (via Rétrofuturs (Hulk4598) / Stéphane Massa-Bidal)

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Dragon Stop Motion

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Back To The Futures on VHS Tape

“These sorts of things should be required viewing for anyone who gets into the racket of trying to communicate their vision of possible near futures. Observing tried techniques for expression of sometimes tricky ideas is a quite useful approach to the communication craft. Talking heads combined with described scenarios? Or acted scenarios? Do you show the technology in its prototype form? Or do some visual special effects to make it seem as though it is working? What kind of people? What fields of trade? Business people? Cops? Etc.”

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Tomorrow’s World: A Day in your Tomorrow (via moleitau)

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In this symposium we will hear stories from such foreign fields as gaming, film, comics, animation, literature and art. These speculative practitioners present alternative models as test sites for the deployment of the wondrous possibilities or dark cautionary tales of our own architectural imaginings. (via AA School Website )

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What Schulze says is that design has invent, to create new ways of doing things, and to contribute to culture. (via Slide 4 of 44 (Scope at reboot11, Matt Webb, S&W) )

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Olinda is the first step of this exploration with home digital radio. A small number of fully functioning prototypes show that it’s possible to design social, Web-like experiences using industry standard DAB chip-sets, and conventional manufacturing techniques. We hope this project provokes as many thoughts for you as it has done for us

Olinda (Schulze & Webb)

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Nokia remade offers a realistic and beautiful interpretation of upcycling and a tangible starting point for discussion.

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Homes of the future will have rooms akin to this illustration into which a user can immerse all sensory apparatuses. (via Paleo-Future – Paleo-Future Blog – Media Room of the Future (1979))

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Article on Apple concept designs from Japanese magazine “Axis” – Autum 1991 (from zacislost)

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Philips ‘Vision of the future’ (via Ti.mo)

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