The Fray commissions experienced writers to create stories around certain themes. These stories are subsequently designed by respected artists and put online. The system then allows the users/readers to contribute their own stories under the same theme. They have tackled a wide range of themes - at the moment the homepage shows criminal, hope, work and drugs - alongside topical stories around 9/11 and Aids. All themes tend to generate interesting and thoughtful responses, although these responses are not necessarily ordered into an overall narrative. The result is a huge site, full of organised themes, and wildy different personal stories. This chaos and order is in just the right balance to create a compelling reading experience.


When I first encountered the fray, it looked badly designed, clunky and had too much content to deal with. But as I became engaged with one of the strands of storylines, it became obvious that this is a rich collection of personal and compelling stories.

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